Autobiography by José Maria Carvalho Ferreira

SOCIUS researcher José Maria Carvalho Ferreira has just published his autobiography.
This publication of Clássica Editora can be acquired here

CSG Science-Coffee

Women Scientists - Chatting with researchers from CSG - Research in Social Sciences and Management

On March 8 took place at ISEG the session "Women Scientists: CSG Science-Coffee - Chatting with researchers from CSG - Research in Social Sciences & Management of ISEG". The Science-Coffee was opened by Professor Sara Falcão Casaca, Coordinator of CSG - Consortium for Research in Social Sciences & Management of ISEG, followed by the President of ISEG, Professor João Duque, who addressed the issues of parity at work, particularly at ISEG. The session's guests were the researchers Jessica Falconi (CESA/CSG), Sofia Bento (SOCIUS/CSG), Leonor Freire Costa (GHES/CSG), Reihaneh Hajishirz (ADVANCE/CSG), and Maria João Guedes (ADVANCE/CSG). The conversation was moderated by the journalist Nicolau Santos (Director of RTP and ISEG alumni) and revolved around the role of women at work, in the family and in society, in which the guests shared their experiences. The research project "Power - Portuguese Observatory for women's equality", recently started under the coordination of the researcher Maria João Guedes, was also mentioned. The closing moment counted with the participation of the Vice-Rector of the Universidade de Lisboa, Cecília Rodrigues, who referred, among several statistical data, the fact that Portugal has one of the highest qualification rates regarding women in Europe. At the end, the Vice-President of ISEG, Joana Pais told us about her professional experience, highlighting the fact that she was not discriminated.
This event was organised by CSG/ISEG-ULisboa, a consortium which includes SOCIUS and three other research centres from ISEG.

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1st Edition CSG Coffee-Science
CSG - Research in Social Sciences and & Management, a consortium that integrates SOCIUS and three other research centres from ISEG, organized the 1st edition of Coffee-Science CSG, associated with the Science and Technology Week 2022, which took place on November 23.
This meeting aimed to promote the sharing of scientific results of four junior researchers - Helena Gata, Susana Brissos , João Estevão and Luís Aguiar Santos - around themes such as: employment, poverty, social inequalities and public policies; socio-economic determinants of the access to adequate food in Portugal; the impact of the climate and energy agreement for 2030 in the markets and companies of the electricity sector; and the regulation of private initiative before Liberalism (1603-1834).
The activity developed by XLAB was presented by laboratory technician Inês Dias, followed by the interventions of the coordinators, Prof. Maria João Guedes (CSG) and Prof. Sandra Maximiano, about the activity developed and the potentialities of this laboratory.

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The "Livro Branco - Equilíbrio entre Mulheres e Homens nos Órgãos de Gestão das Empresas e Planos para a Igualdade", presented at the final conference of the research project WoB - Women on Boards Portugal, is now available on the project's website.

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Research Project

The project Agorarisk involves several disciplinary areas with the aim of providing the crossing of knowledge and knowledge on topics such as water, soils, contamination and environmental and social transformations in Estarreja.
The team includes the researcherSofia Bento (SOCIUS/ISEG), among other researchers from Instituto Superior Técnico and Universidade de Coimbra. The international partner is the French institute INRAE (National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment).

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Research Project

SustInAfrica - Sustainable intensification of food production through resilient farming systems in West & North Africa
The objective of SustInAfrica is to empower small farmers and agricultural SMEs in West and North Africa to practice the sustainable intensification of agriculture in these regions. In Portugal, the ISEG research team is coordinated by Idalina Dias Sardinhas (SOCIUS).

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Research Project

eGROUNDWATER - Improve Groundwater Management through Advanced Information Systems and Participatory Methods
The international project eGROUNDWATER aims to support sustainable and participatory groundwater management in the Mediterranean region. In Portugal, the ISEG team is led by Marta Varanda (SOCIUS).

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