Research Groups

Science, Technology, Health and Professions

Studies the interactions to be found among science, technology, health and professions. In particular it analyses the link between science and technology, in their relations with scientific knowledge.

This Research Group mainly focuses on the following subjects: Scientific and technical controversies; Links between objects and humans; Socio-technical systems and social groups; Risks and uncertainties; Scientific expertise and political decision-making; Environment and society; Water management, participation and policy; Health, illness and medicine – health beliefs and knowledge, inequalities and patterns of health and illness, health professions, and the expertise and politics of healthcare; Scientists' careers and research policies – researchers' mobility, trajectories and networks; Nanotechnologies and human resource trends in the sector; technological and organizational innovation.

Main Projects
"Portugueses Criativos: Identidade e Perfil" (Margarida Piteira, Principal Investigator). 2013-2015.

"Taking Stock of The Circle-Med Programme Experience: Communication between Scientists and Stakeholders Regarding Adaptation to Climate Change" (Ref. CIRCLE-MED/0001/2011) funded by CIRCLE-MED, FCT and VERSeau. Research Units Involved: SOCIUS/ISEG-UTL (Sofia Bento, Principal Investigator) and IRSTEA (Montpellier/France). 2012-2013.

"Projeto Âncoras" funded by Alto Comissariado para a Imigração e Diálogo Intercultural (ACIDI) and by Fundo Europeu para a Integração de Nacionais de Países Terceiros (FEINPT). Partners: CLAII CASCAIS, CMC, Caritas Diocesana de Lisboa, SOCIUS/ISEGUTL (Sofia Bento, Researcher). 2012-2013.

"Communication and political engagement with environmental issues" (Ref. EXPL/IVC COM/1717/2012) funded by FCT. Research Units Involved: CECS-UM, SOCIUS/ISEG-UTL (Sofia Bento, Researcher). 2012-2013.

"Conflicts and public participation in hydrological management in Portugal and Brasil" (Ref. MCTI/CNPQ, 14/2012), sponsored by MCTI /CNPQ. Research Units Involved: Universidade Federal de Campina Grande (Marcia Rios, Coordinator), SOCIUS/ISEG-UTL (Sofia bento, Researcher). 2012-2015.

Research Team


Sofia Bento

Eligible Doctorate Members:
José Manuel Monteiro Barata
Manuela Arcanjo
Maria Margarida Piteira

Other Members:
Bruno Miguel Lopes Gonçalves
Cândida Silva-Joaquim
Diogo Pinto Pereira Rebelo Cotta
Emília Rodrigues Araújo
Helena Maria Rocha Serra
Helena Mateus Jerónimo
Joana Isabel Rocha Zózimo
Liliana Faria
Oriana Brás