Research Groups

Economy, Space, Culture and Globalization

Is devoted to the study of the various relations between economics, space and society, with particular focus on the areas of economic sociology, finance sociology, urban and population studies, sociology of culture, political sociology and the theory and history of social and economic thought.

This research group largely focuses on the links between economy and society, essentially in the following areas: the processes through which the economy is embedded in social relations; experimental economics; value theory and financial markets; culture and spatial processes; and globalization. Several specific research objectives are set, resulting from activities recently launched. These include: History of economic sociology; Culture and consumption; Space and society – the public/private divide, landscapes, gated communities and private urban governance, rehousing; Visual culture; Social performativity and the performativity of the social sciences and other disciplines; Sociology of finance and fiscal sociology (e.g) credit, tax culture and fiscal compliance); Experimental studies on reciprocity, trust, social capital, decision-making, the determinants of gambling behavior, gifts and fake commodities (blood and organ donation); Sociology and economics of migration, including the effects of immigration on trade and the labour market; Globalization, income distribution, ethics and culture; Commercial and institutional relations between Portugal and African countries and local entrepreneurship; Social and economic complexity (linked to the studies on economic complexity being undertaken at other ISEG research centres); authorship and intellectual property rights.

Main Projects
"COPP-LAB: Circulations of Police in Portugal, Lusophone Africa and Brazil" (ref. PTDC/IVC-ANT/5314/2012), financed by FCT. ICS/UL (Coord.), SOCIUS/ISEG-UTL (Daniel Seabra Lopes, Researcher), Faculdade de Direito da Universidade do Porto, ISCTE-IUL, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (UERJ) and Instituto Superior de Ciências Policiais e Segurança Interna (ISCPSI). 2013-2015.

"Key factors for success and continuity of schooling paths of Gypsies: individuals, families and public policy" (Ref. PTDC/IVCPEC/4909/2012) funded by FCT. Universidade Aberta (Coord.), SOCIUS/ISEG-UTL (Daniel Seabra Lopes, Researcher), Centro de Estudos das Migrações e das Relações Interculturais (CEMRI/UAberta), Centro de Investigação e Estudos de Sociologia (CIES/ISCTEIUL). 2013-2015.

"Back to the future: new emigration and links to the Portuguese society" (Ref. PTDC/ATP-DEM/5152/2012), funded by FCT. SOCIUS/ISEG-UTL (João Peixoto, Principal Investigator), ISCTE-IUL, CES/UC e IGOT/UL. 2013-2015.

"Itineris: Protection of migrants' rights from exploitation, from Brazil to the European Union", sub-theme "Comparative analysis on migrants' access to rights in Brazil, Portugal and Spain", funded by the European Comission under the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD, Austria). Coordinated by Duval Fernandes (PUC/Minas, Brasil), João Peixoto as Researcher and Portuguese Coordinator. 2012-2013.

"ACP Observatory on Migration", coordinated by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and funded by the European Comission and the Swiss Confederation. SOCIUS/ISEG-UTL (João Peixoto, Member of the Academic Advisory Board) and CEsA/ISEGUTL. 2009-2013.

"Finance, Gender and Power: How are portuguese households managing their finances in the crisis?" (Ref. PTDC/IVCSOC/4823/2012) funded by FCT. CES/UC, SOCIUS/ISEG-UTL (Rafael Marques, Researcher). 2012-2014.

"REHURB - Rehousing and Urban Regeneration" (Ref. PTDC/CS-GEO/108610/2008), funded by FCT. IGOT-CEG/FL-UL, SOCIUS/ISEG-UTL (Rita Raposo, Researcher) and IHRU. 2010-2013.

Daniel Alexandre da Silva Seabra Lopes 

Vice Coordinator
Rafael Jorge Soares Duarte Marques
Eligible Doctorate Members:
António Carlos dos Santos
Horácio Crespo Pedrosa Faustino
João Alfredo dos Reis Peixoto
João Carlos de Andrade Marques Graça
Joaquim Alexandre dos Ramos Silva
Maria Rita Duarte Raposo
Paula Cristina Antunes Mateus de Albuquerque

Other Members:

Ana Catarina Pagarim Ribeiro Kaizeler
Ana Lua Clifford Ross
Andrea Poleto Oltramari
Catarina Ribeiro Ruas Lopes Sabino
João Carlos Ferreira Lopes
Maria Carolina Barreto Marçalo
Maria João Pagarim Ribeiro Kaizeler
Maria Luísa de Castro Coelho de Oliveira e Sousa
Rita Gomes Correia