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Ana Teresa Moreira Verdasca

Personal Data Nome: Ana Teresa Moreira Verdasca;
Academic Degrees Degree in Business Administration (Catholic University of Lisbon); MBA in Finance (Catholic University of Lisbon); PhD in Economic Sociology ( University of Lisbon).
Current Professional Activity Her main professional career has unfolded in the Banking sector, namely in the organizational field, where she has been a Credit Analyst for many years. Recently, she has been acting as a consultant for a company in Marketing and Organizational Strategy. She is Full Member of SOCIUS, Research Centre on Organizational and Economic Sociology, since 2010. Her main research interests are psychosocial factors at work, violence at work and workplace bullying and she has been teaching in theses fields. 
Domains of Research Her research activity has been centred in the field of Psychosocial Risks at Work, with a special emphasis on Bullying at Work.
Relevant Publications Verdasca, A. (forthcoming), Assédio Moral no local de trabalho. Recursos Humanos Editora.

Verdasca A. (2015) – Organizational Changes, Workplace Bullying and Organizational Citizenship Behaviour, International Journal of Working Conditions, 8, 82-98. ISSN 2182 9535.

Verdasca, A. (2014) – Assédio Moral no Trabalho: uma realidade contemporânea. In Neto, E.V, A., J. e Arezes, P. Edições. Civery Publishing, Várzea da Rainha Impressores, SA. ISBN 978-989-97762-9-6

Verdasca, A. (2013). “Workplace bullying in the Portuguese banking sector: an exploratory study”. Artigo apresentado durante a 3ª conferência da International Network of Business and Management Journals (INBAM), ISEG/UTL, 17-19 de Junho, 2013, ISBN: 978-84-695-7914-5

Verdasca, A. (2011). Assédio Moral no local de trabalho. Revista Segurança Comportamental, 4, 2011. ISSN 1647- 5976.

Verdasca, A., Carvalho Ferreira, J.M. & Garcia Pereira, A. (2009). Portuguese Validation of the Negative Acts Questionnaire Revised (NAQ-R): A study of the Portuguese Banking sector. Artigo apresentado durante o 3º Forum Internacional CRITEOS, 23 – 25 Novembro 2006. ISSN 2-921485-27-3.
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