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José Augusto da Silva Sobral

Personal Data Name: José Augusto da Silva Sobral
Phone: +351 218317000 ext. 1347
Academic Degrees PhD in Mechanical Engineering from FEUP – Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto.
Masters in Industrial Maintenance from FEUP – Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto.
Degree in Mechanical Engineering from ISEL - Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa
Current Professional Activity Professor at ISEL-Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa, in the Department area of Mechanical Engineering, with the rank of Associate Professor, in exclusive dedication.
Domains of Research Field of research in the area of risk analysis, physical asset management, maintenance, reliability and availability of the assets.
Relevant Publications Book Chapter ‐ Sobral, J., Ferreira, L., 2013, "Decision Making in Maintainability of High Risk Industrial Equipment", in A. Madureira, C. Reis, V. Marques, ed. 2013, Computational Intelligence and Decision Making, Dordrecht: Springer, Int. Series on Intelligent Systems, Control and Automation: Science and Engineering, vol. 61, Ch. 21, pp. 227‐ 237 ‐ ISBN 978‐94‐007‐4721‐0 (DOI 10.1007/978‐94‐007‐4722‐7)

L.A. Ferreira, J. Sobral and J.T. Farinha (2014), "LCC ‐ Life Cycle Cost, its relevance to Physical Asset Management", 22nd European Congress & Expo on Maintenance and Asset Management / 6th World Congress & Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management ‐ ISBN 978‐952‐67981‐1‐0, May 2014, Helsinki, Finland.

P. Gonçalves, J. Sobral, L. Ferreira (2014), "Initial Maintenance Program Development using Reliability Guidelines", ARS 2014 ‐ International Applied Reliability Symposium – Sharing applications, success stories and lessons learned in reliability and maintainability engineering – International Conference, April 2014, Paris, France.

J. Sobral, L. Ferreira (2012), "Managing Risk Through Safety Barrier Analysis", PSAM11 & ESREL 2012 – 11st International Probabilistic Safety Assessment and Management Conference & The Annual European Safety and Reliability Conference, June 2012, Scandic Marina Congress Center, Helsinki, Finland.

J. Sobral, L. Ferreira (2010), "Development of a new approach to establish inspection frequency in a RBI assessment", ESREL 2010 – European Safety and Reliability Conference, Setembro de 2010, Rhodes, Greece. Reliability, Risk and Safety – Ben J.M. Ale. Ioannis A. Papazoglou & Enrico Zio (eds), 2010 CRC Press ‐ Taylor & Francis Group, London, ISBN 978‐0‐415‐60427‐7
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