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Maria Manuela de Brito Arcanjo

Personal Data

Name:  Manuela Arcanjo
Phone: + 351 21 392 28 23

Academic Degrees

BA in Economics (ISCTE). PhD in Economics (ISEG/Technical University of Lisbon).

Current Professional Activity

Professor at ISEG, University of Lisboan, where she teaches Public Economic and Finance (BA in Economics), Economics (BA in Sports Management), Economic Policy (Economics and Public Policy Master – MEPP) and Social Security Economics and Policy (MEPP).
Researcher at the Research Centre in Economic and Organizational Sociology (SOCIUS).
Scientific Coordinator of the Master course in Economics and Public Policy Master.
Member and Vice-president of the School Board (ISEG).

Domains of Research

Current research interests include issues related with social security and public pensions, provision and effects of welfare programs, and regimes and reform of the Welfare Stare.
She has participated in research projects mainly focused on social security reform in Europe, child poverty and public policies and ageing dynamics.
She has been supervising thesis on social security, and public finances and public policies.

Relevant Publications

Arcanjo, M. (2019), "Retirement pension reforms in six European social insurance schemes between 2000 and 2017: more financial sustainability and more gender inequality?", Social Policy and Society, 18 (4): 501-515.  

Arcanjo, M., Bastos, A., Nunes, F. and Passos, J. (2013), “Child Poverty and the reform of family cash benefits”, International Journal of Social Economics, 43: 11-23.

Arcanjo, M. (2012), “The reform of unemployment protection insurance, 1993-2006: a new balance between rights and obligations in France, Germany, Portugal and Spain”, Social Policy and Administration, 46 (1): 1-20. 

Arcanjo, M. (2011), “Regimes and reforms of welfare state: the classification of ten European countries in 1990 and 2006”, Social Policy and Society,  Volume 10, Issue 2, pp.139-150.

Arcanjo, M., Albuquerque, P.C., Pereirinha, J.A., Escária, V. e Nunes, F. (2010), “Retirement and the Poverty of the Elderly in Portugal”, Journal of Income Distribution, Volume 19, No 3-4, pp. 41-64.

Arcanjo, M., Pereirinha, J. Nunes, F. (2009), “The Portuguese welfare system: from a corporative regime to a European welfare state in Schubert, K., Hegelich, S., Bazant, U. (eds) " The Handbook of European Welfare Systems ", Routledge

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