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Maria Cristina Lanša Vilhena de Mendonša

Personal Data

Name: Maria Cristina Lança Vilhena de Mendonça

Academic Degrees

BSc (Degree) Applied Mathematics, Faculty of Sciences/ University of Lisbon. Master of Science (MSc) in Education Methodology, PhD Mathematics Education (subject: Quality Management) Technical University Berlin, Germany. Associate (Aggregation) in Industrial Management, UBI-Beira Interior University.

Current Professional Activity

All my life long, my scientific activity has been diversified and changed according to the challenges that have been put to me at certain times. My initial scientific area has been on maths applications and education and its applications to business, engineering and active life. I have published some papers and developed some projects with application to business, industrial engineering, mathematics and education. The areas of main interest have been quality management, industrial engineering, organizational excellence, services and public administration. I have also become interested on distance education methods and procedures, on-line teaching, e-learning, the related pedagogical models and technologies of learning, learning organizations. Since 1975, I have taught and collaborated as researcher in departments of education, business administration and engineering.

Domains of Research

Psychosocial Transitions in Developmental and Multicultural Systems: The Quest for Quality;
Interdisciplinary Projects in Engineering and Industrial Management (strategy, quality, corporate governance, business intelligence, lean thinking, six sigma, marketing, entrepreneurship); Mathematical Modeling Decision Support; Management, Innovation; Education, Distance education; Administration; Sustainable Development, Third Sector and Social Networks.

Relevant Publications

The role of European "ro-ro" port terminals in the automotive supply chain management
Author(s): Quaresma Dias J. C.; Calado J. M. F.; Mendonca M. C.
Source: JOURNAL OF TRANSPORT GEOGRAPHY  Volume: 18   Issue: 1   Pages: 116-124   DOI: 10.1016/j.jtrangeo.2008.10.009   Published: JAN 2010

Corporate Governance in the Retail Industry: The Quest on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), In the 5TH WORKSHOP ON CORPORATE GOVERNANCE, Bruxelles, November 2008.

Competitive Intelligence and Benchmarking Models in Higher Education,Asigurarea Calitatii, nr. 53 / ianuarie - martie 2008, ISSN: 1582-2559 (CNCSIS, categoria B+)

Postponement in The Logistical Systems of the New Automobiles Marketed in Portugal: The Brands And Quality. In Total Quality Management & Business Excellence, edited by Gopal Kanji, Routledge, Taylors and Francis Group, allocated to TQM & BE volume 18, Number 6, August 2007, p. 681-696 (ISI), co author with J. Q. Dias.

Maths as a Human and Scientific Value in the Computer Age. In: Blum, W., Niss M., Huntley, D. I. (eds.). Modelling, Applications and Applied Problem Solving: teaching mathematics in real contexts, ISBN: 0135880882, p. 116- 122 Chichester, Ellis Horwood, New York,1989.

Curriculum CV