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SOCIUS Members

Maria João Ferreira Nicolau dos Santos

Personal Data

Name: Maria João Santos
Phone: 914081458

Academic Degrees

Degree in Sociology by ISCTE - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa. Masters in Sociology from Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas, University of Lisbon. PhD in Economic and Organizational Sociology by Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão - University of Lisbon (ISEG/ULisboa).

Current Professional Activity

Assistant Professor with Aggregation in ISEG/ULisboa and Eligible PhD Research Member of SOCIUS - Research Centre in Economic and Organizational Sociology. Member of the Scientific Committee of the PhD Program in Economic and Organizational Sociology and Coordinator of the Master Degree in Management and Human Resources ISEG/ULisboa.
Author of several books and several articles published in International journals and books.

Domains of Research

Has been developing research activities in two main areas: knowledge management, creativity, organizational innovation and ethic scientific areas, social responsibility and sustainability.

Relevant Publications

Santos, M.; Wane, R. (2013). Knowledge Management Fostering Innovation: Balancing Practices and Enabling Contexts. In Machado, C; and Davim, P. Management and Engineering Innovation. London: ISTE-Wiley, pp: 155-178 (ISBN: 987-1-84821-554-2).

Santos, M. (2011). Corporate social responsibility in SME’s: strategies, motivations and obstacles. Social Responsibility Journal, 3 (7), pp.490-508 ISSN: 1747-1117.

Costa, A.; Santos, M.; Seabra, M. & Jorge, F. (Eds). (2011). Responsabilidade Social: uma Visão Ibero-americana. Coimbra: Afrontamento, pp. 782 (ISBN: 9789724044200).

Santos, M. (2010). CSR and SME’s in Portugal: the strategy of obligation. In Spence L. & Painter-Morland M. Ethics in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises. (Ethics Book Series) (pp. 173-192). London: Springer (ISBN 978-90-481-9330-1).

Santos, M.; Santos, A.; Pereira, E. & Silva, J. (2006). Responsabilidade Social nas PME. Casos em Portugal. Lisboa: Editora RH, pp. 287 (ISBN: 978-972-871-10-9).

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