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Ilona Zsuzsanna Kovacs

Personal Data Name: Ilona Zsuzsanna Kovács
Phone: + 351 21 392 5800; ext: 4937
Academic Degrees Degree in Economics at the University of Economic Sciences of Budapest. PhD in Economic Sociology from the University of Economic Sciences of Budapest. Aggregation in Sociology from University of Lisbon.
Current Professional Activity Professor since 1994, Coordinator and teacher of disciplines in master's and high-degree courses such as Sociology, Sociology of Work and Enterprise, Sociology of Work and Leisure, Sociology of Organizations, Social Research Methodology, Science, Technology and Society, Organizational Models and Human Resource Management. Scientific Coordinator of Master Course in Economic and Organizational Sociology and of the Master Course in Human Resource Management. Member of the Coordinating Committee of the Doctoral Program in Sociology and Economic Organizations.
Researcher and Coordinator of Research Group “Organizations, Labor, Employment and Gender”.
Domains of Research Research activities focus on themes related to social problems of technological innovation; new models of production; new forms of work organization; work and employment transformations; work and qualifications/ skills in the society of information/ knowledge; flexibility and precariousness of labor and citizenship; social and organizational innovation; employment crisis and alternatives.
Relevant Publications

Kovács, Ilona; Dias, João and Cerdeira, M.Cerdeira (2017), “Young Workers’ Perceptions of Trade Unions in Portugal”, Revue Relations Industrielles/Industrial Relations, 72-2, pp. 574-595.

Kovács, Ilona (ccord.) (2014), Temas Atuais da Sociologia do Trabalho e da Empresa, Coimbra, Almedina 

Kovács, Ilona (2014),“Trayectorias laborales y de vida de jóvenes: un análisis cualitativo”, Sociologia del  Trabalho, nº 80, pp. 28-49.
Kovács, Ilona; Chagas Lopes, Margarida (2012). Employment and sustainable development: education, training and R&D in the regulation of the labour market, in: Garibaldo, F. & Yi, D. (eds.), Labor and Sustainable Development, North-South Perspectives, Peter Lang, Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Brussels, New York, Oxford, Wien, 2012, pp. 453 – 470. 
Kovács, Ilona (org.) (2005). Flexibilidade de emprego - riscos e oportunidades, Oeiras, Celta Editora.

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