SOCIUS, Research Centre in Economic and Organizational Sociology, is a research unit from ISEG - School of Economics & Management, Universidade de Lisboa, created in May 1991 by teachers and researchers.

SOCIUS is accredited by FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia, and has been classified as “Excellent” concerning the Evaluation of R&D Institutions, since 1999.

The SOCIUS research team consists mainly of ISEG faculty members, plus full time research fellows and post-doc research fellows, as well as faculty from other universities.

SOCIUS main area of scientific activity, that of economic and organisational sociology, is considered in its broadest sense, encompassing numerous points of contact between contemporary sociology and economics, in addition to other scientific approaches which study economic and organizational reality. Over the years, participation in scientific networks has been a major priority. An active and prominent role has been taken in the development of networks with national and international partner institutions to promote knowledge sharing, collaborative research projects and debate on common fields of research.

SOCIUS is currently integrated within CSG - Research in Social Sciences and Management -, the R&D consortium, created in 2013 at ISEG by four of its research centres – SOCIUS, ADVANCE, CEsA and GHES. CSG set up a common framework for research and aims at bringing together researchers who share similar conceptions of the study of socioeconomic and organizational reality, to enhance complementarities and reach a critical mass in this field of study.

Research Groups

The principal areas of research and work lie in the field of Economic and Organizational Sociology, and essentially focus on the following lines of research, are:


  • Scientific research projects;
  • Participation in different research programmes and national and international networks;
  • Organization of Seminars, national and international Conferences, Colloquiums and Workshops;
  • Regular reception of master’s, doctoral and post-doctoral research scholars;
  • Inclusion of graduate, post-graduate, master’s and PhD students in scientific research projects;
  • Supervision of post-graduate works and master’s and doctoral theses;
  • Support to ISEG/UTL Master’s and PhD Programmes in Economic and Organizational Sociology;
  • Consulting;
  • Training for civil society’s organizations and institutions, including the training of teachers at various academic levels;
  • Publication and promotion of different studies (working papers, research works, support texts for training exercises, seminars, etc.).