Eunice Castro Seixas, Paulo Castro Seixas & João Teixeira Lopres (Org.)

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Sofia Bento, M. Teresa Condesso de Melo & Christelle Gramaglia

Ethical reflections on groundwater in contaminated areas.

Sustainable Water Resources Management - Springer

Miguel Baião, Isabel Guedes & Pedro Martins

Long-Term Evaluation of a Short Training Program for the Unemployed

Journal of Human Resource Management

Imran Yousaf, Shoaib Ali, Mohamed Marei, Mariya Gubareva

Spillovers and hedging effectiveness between islamic cryptocurrency and metal markets: Evidence from the COVID-19 outbreak

International Review of Economics & Finance



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Colloquium Trade Unionism, Work and Citizenship - 90 years after 18 January 1934
21-21 June 2024 | ICS-UL + ISCTE

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Research Project

TERRARE: action research for eco-social regeneration

The research project "TERRARE: action-research for eco-social regeneration", coordinated by Oriana Rainho Brás (SOCIUS), involves the creation and maintenance of an urban mini-forest at ISEG. TERRARE aims to reflect on the eco-social processes involved in the creation of an urban mini-forest with the participation of the university community, and on research around soil regeneration through community reforestation. A forest for the university, a university for the forest. Positive values and actions in the present and for the future. This project is supported by ISEG Sustainability.

Take part in the creation of this Mini-Forest!!

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Research Project

SustInAfrica - Sustainable intensification of food production through resilient farming systems in West & North Africa
The objective of SustInAfrica is to empower small farmers and agricultural SMEs in West and North Africa to practice the sustainable intensification of agriculture in these regions. In Portugal, the ISEG research team is coordinated by Idalina Dias Sardinhas (SOCIUS).

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Research Project

eGROUNDWATER - Improve Groundwater Management through Advanced Information Systems and Participatory Methods
The international project eGROUNDWATER aims to support sustainable and participatory groundwater management in the Mediterranean region. In Portugal, the ISEG team is led by Marta Varanda (SOCIUS).

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Research Project

The project Agorarisk involves several disciplinary areas with the aim of providing the crossing of knowledge and knowledge on topics such as water, soils, contamination and environmental and social transformations in Estarreja.
The team includes the researcherSofia Bento (SOCIUS/ISEG), among other researchers from Instituto Superior Técnico and Universidade de Coimbra. The international partner is the French institute INRAE (National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment).

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