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Russian Language and Culture  

Russian Course

Level A
Start date: 3 December 2018
Schedule: Mondays and Fridays | 19:00-20:30 | Classroom: 208 F1
Total duration: 84h (1st part 42h/ 2nd part 42h)

Other Levels: request for information by email

- Introduction to Russian history, geography and culture;
- Cyrillic alphabet;
- The situation of the Russian language in its history and in the present.
- Themes (speaking and writing): the forms of greeting; the Russian patronymic; cities and countries, nationalities and languages; the family; spaces and objects from the home and the classroom;
the parts of the day, days of the week, the months and the seasons; colors, numbers and sizes;
the professions and day-to-day activities; the money, values and prices.
- Grammar: a simple sentence (affirmative, negative and interrogative); gender and number of nouns;
personal, possessive pronouns, interrogative and statements; the adjectives in several cases;
regular verbs of the first and second conjugations in the present and past tense; ordinal numerals; order and syntactic functions in simple sentences.

Professor: Elena Bulakh

Target audience: general public of all ages, students, teachers, researchers, entrepreneurs and all professionals with an interest in the area.
Maximum participants: 10
Fee: 75€

Discount: -20% in the 1st registration for professors, employees and researchers from ISEG, all students and unemployed.

Location: ISEG | R. das Francesinhas, Lisbon

Info.: | 213925914/0


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