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Joaquim Ramos Silva

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Name: Joaquim Ramos Silva
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Academic Degrees Graduation in Economics by ISE, Technical University of Lisbon. DEA in "Techniques Économiques, Prévision, Prospectives", and PhD in "Analyse et Politique Économiques", École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris. Habilitation in Economics by ISEG/UTL.
Current Professional Activity Associate Professor (with "Agregação"), Department of Economics ISEG/UTL, since 1978. Lecturing several curricular unities of the different cycles of higher education. Currently, Coordinator of the Scientific Area of International Economics and Development, and of the Master of International Economics and European Studies, both of the Department of Economics, ISEG/UTL. Visiting Professor or Scholar at several foreign universities and research centers, among them: CEPEAD/FACE, Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG); Centro de Tecnologia Mineral (CETEM) / Ministry of Science and Technology (MCT), (Rio de Janeiro); Texas A&M University (College Station); Institute of World Economics (Kiel); University of Hitotsubashi (Tokyo), University of São Paulo, University of Orléans.
Domains of Research International economic relations, combining the methodology of international economics, international political economy and international business, stands out the study of trade and FDI, under the prism of strategies and policies of firms and public policies; the analysis of Luso-Brazilian economic ties is one of the main directions of the research.
Relevant Publications Mário Franco, André Magrinho, Joaquim Ramos Silva (2011). Competitive intelligence: A research model tested on Portuguese firms. Business Process Management Journal, Vol. 17, nº 2, pp. 332-356.

Joaquim Ramos Silva (2005). A internacionalização das empresas portuguesas: A experiência brasileira. RAE - Revista de Administração de Empresas (FGV Escola de Administração de Empresas São Paulo - CEPEAD/UFMG), Volume 45, Special Issue Minas Gerais, pp. 102-115. SSCI (Thomson Reuters), JCR 2011: 0.213.

Joaquim Ramos Silva (2002). Estados e Empresas na Economia Mundial. Editora Vulgata, Lisbon, 153 p.

Joaquim Ramos Silva (2002). Portugal/Brasil: uma década de expansão das relações económicas, 1992-2002. Editora Terramar, Lisbon, 278 p.

Joaquim Ramos Silva (1990). Luso-American Economic Relations and Portuguese Membership of the European Community, in Portugal: An Atlantic Paradox, Portuguese/US Relations after the EC Enlargement. Ed. Institute for Strategic and International Studies, Lisbon, pp. 77-139 (the book also includes two other parts on non-economic themes written, respectively, by José Calvet de Magalhães and Álvaro Vasconcelos).
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