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José Manuel Guimarães de Magalhães

Personal Data

Name:José Manuel Guimarães de Magalhães
Phone:+351 966536283

Academic Degrees Bachelor's degree in Psychology at ISHT, Degree in Psychology of Organizations and Work at ISMAG/UHT, High Studies Diploma/Tesina in Evolutionary and Educational Psychology. PhD in Development and Psychological Intervention at Universidade da Extremadura/ University of Lisbon.
Current Professional Activity University lecturer, Assistant Professor at Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa in Bachelor, master and PhD courses.
Coordinator of INE - CPSHST.
Member and researcher in INTEC.
Domains of Research The research activity is focus on the organizational area, new employability, creativity, psychosocial risks and life values, with particular interest in study-cases and in the prevention and diagnosis. Coordinator of two PhD theses - Individual and Group Variables that promote Innovation and Organizational Creativity and Leadership in Unstable Contexts: stress of the prison managers and penitentiary agents from the prison units in the State of Bahia.
Relevant Publications Magalhães, J. & Faria, L., (2014)."Stresse e Resiliência – Como transformar adversidades em respostas positivas in "Psicologia para Não Psicólogos – A gestão à luz da psicologia", cap. 7. Lisboa: RH Editora, pp 159-178

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Magalhães, J. & Silva, G. (2013)."Os efeitos do stresse e burnout em militares: uma breve revisão bibliográfica para identificação da problemática" in PSIQUE, Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa, 2013, Vol. IX, p.75-98

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