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José João Martins Sampaio

Dados Pessoais Nome:José João Martins Sampaio
Formacao Academica 2005 - PhD in Economic Sociology with unanimous approval on thesis "The Decision Process in Complex Work Systems and new Occupational Competencies. The Air Traffic Control Case", ISEG, Technical University of Lisbon.
1996 - Msc in Organisations and Economic Sociology with unanimous aproval of thesis "The New Labor Relation and the Future of Unionism", ISEG, Technical University of Lisbon.
1976 - Graduation in Finance, ISEG, Technical University of Lisbon.
Situação Profissional Atual  
Domínios da Investigação Economia da Inovação, Gestão da Inovação, Gestão do Design, Sistemas de Informação para a Indústria Bancária, Análise de Dados.Complex Work Systems and Occupational Competencies, Operational Situation Awareness and Distributed Cognition, Virtual Teams and Socio-Technical Networks, Human Factors and Technological Factors.
Publicações Relevantes Sampaio, José J. M.(2010), VirtualTeams@Work Listed on SSRN's ALL TIME HITS (for all papers in SSRN eLibrary) - January 2, 1997 to July 25 2011 TOP 10 Papers for Journal of ORG: Contemporary Organizational Structures (Topic).

Sampaio, José J. M.(2010), Human Factors and Operational Decision Listed on SSRN's Top Ten download list as of 17 September 2010 to 16 November 2010 for CSN: Culture (Topic), CSN:Design (Topic), CSN: Technology (Topic), CSN: Theory (Topic), Cognition in Mathematics, Science, & Technology eJournal and Cognitive Neuroscience eJournal.

Sampaio, José João (2009), Air Traffic Control. The Challenge of Balanced Human-Machine Operational Interaction, Edições Lusófonas, ISBN: 978-972-8881-66-5, 241 p.

Sampaio, José João (2007), Controlo de Tráfego Aéreo. Decisão Operacional e Competências Profissionais em Sistemas Complexos de Trabalho, Lisboa, Roma Editora – ISBN: 978-989-8063-18-2, 320 p.

Sampaio, José João e Guerra, Antonio (2004), The Day God Failed or Overtrust in Automation. A Portuguese Case Study, HPSAA II - Human Performance, Situation Awareness and Automation, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc., Publishers.
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