Too late to undertake Project

Tarde Demais para Empreender? O empreendedorismo como forma de participação das pessoas com +50 anos
Too late to undertake? Entrepreneurship as a form of participation of over 50 years old individuals

Team: Catarina Seco Matos (PhD ISEG), Maria João Nicolau Santos (SOCIUS/ISEG-UL), Fernando Ribeiro Mendes (SOCIUS/ISEG-UL), Miguel Amaral (IST/ IN+) e Rui Baptista (IST/ CEG)
Funding: PO Assistência Técnica FSE (QREN)
Proponent institution: SOCIUS//ISEG-UL
Reference: 000829402013
Schedule: December 1, 2013 - December 31, 2014


The project Tarde Demais para Empreender? (Is it too late to become an entrepreneur?) was selected by the Programa Operacional Assistência Técnica, co-funded by the European Social Fund. The overall aim of this project is to generate knowledge about intentions regarding entrepreneurship among individuals aged 50 or over, individuals who have started their business above the age of 50, and the motivations and barriers faced during the process. This project has three main goals:

1. Characterize and analyze the entrepreneurial option at the age of 50 (intentions, characteristics of entrepreneurs and their companies, motivations and barriers);

2. Propose an action plan to public policies oriented to older entrepreneurship;

3. Raise awareness among the general community on the potential social-economic contribution of older entrepreneurship.

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