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SOCIUS Working Papers

Working Papers (WP) are serial publications of SOCIUS - Research Centre in Economic and Organizational Sociology - which aims to promote the researches, in progress or already completed, from  Eligible Doctorate Members and Collaborators, as well as other researchers that participate in scientific activities promoted by the Centre or that are suitable in the context of economic and organizational sociology.

WP should be original texts, with 30 pages approximately (including notes, tables, figures, but excluding references).

SOCIUS Special Series of Working Papers (WP-special) is intended for publication of finalized works which, by their extent, format and content are distinguished from the more usual scientific article templates in international magazines: the case of bibliographies, exhibition catalogues, commented booklets, statistical series, research reports or lengthy trials (except theses).

All manuscripts published as WP or WP-special series must constitute finished products resulting from extensive and consolidated research, and comply with the submission guidelines.

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Special Publications

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